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Moseley Park, Moseley, Birmingham



 Persons wishing to join the Angling Club should contact the Secretary Dave Walker via e-mail at      or by telephone - Home 0121 745 8719 or mobile 07801888685. The Honorary Secretary (see photo) is regularly fishing down the pool and you can also speak to him regarding a membership. There is currently a 1 year waiting list for membership to the Angling Club and persons should bear in mind that being a member of the park itself does not automatically mean that you can fish the pool. The Angling club does have a 21 year lease from the park which is strictly adhered to. Dave Walker Hon Sec. 



The Angling Club Committee have now appointed 3 bailiffs for the pool. This is  due to the fact that it has become apparent that non members are fishing the pool and that people are loaning out there park keys to enable them to fish.  This will not be tolerated, as the Angling Club do have a 21 year Lease with fishing rights solely for the Angling Club members. 

The Bailiffs nominated are Club Secretary, Dave Walker and Lawrence Rooney  These persons have the authority of the Committee to check memberships, licences and permits of any person fishing the pool.

They will carry cards as pictured below. Photos to be posted on the photos page soon.

Dave Walker.  Hon Sec. 


                            GUEST PERMITS ARE AVAILABLE


Fishing Club Members are permitted to take up 2 guests on any one day, and are responsible for making sure they hold a current Environment Agency Rod Licence and that they behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

Permits are £5.00 per day and must be obtained in advance. Permits can be obtained from the following contacts.

1.   Dave Walker.        Tel -  01217458719.   Mob - 07801888685

Permits can also be obtained via e-mail

Dave Walker   Hon Sec. 


                      ANGLING CLUB RULES - AUGUST 2010


                                     ANGLING CLUB RULES - AUGUST 2010

1.    The Club shall be named the Moseley Park Angling Club.

2.    The club shall aquire certain rights of Angling in the Moseley Park by arrangement with the Trustees of the Moseley Park and Pool Trust.

3.    The Club shall consist of not more than 150 members but the Committee, may at their discretion, increase this number.

4.    All members of the Club must also be subscribers to the Moseley Park Pool and Trust.

5.    Existing subscribers of the Moseley Park and Pool Trust who are interested in Angling shall be eligible to become members if a request to do so is preferred.

6.    The affairs and finances of the Club shall be controlled by a Committee, not exceeding seven members, one of whom shall act as Chairman. Two Members shall retire in rotation at each Annual General Meeting, but being eligible, shall offer themselves for re-election. No member other than the two members retiring in rotation shall be eligible for election at each Annual General Meeting unless, not less than 3 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting  notice in writing has been sent to the Honorary Secretary signed and seconded by a member of his intention to propose such a person for election.

7.    An Honorary Secretary and an Honoraray Treasurer shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting both of which shall be ex-officio members of the committee.

8.    All applications for Park Membership with a view to becoming members of the Angling Club must be referred to the Committee for approval as members of the Angling Club.

9.    The annual subscriptions for members shall be payable in advance on the 1st May in each year but the Committee may at its discretion extend this date in extenuating circumstances. Members who have not paid their subscriptions by the due date shall be liable for expulsion from the Angling Club.

10.   Meetings of the Committee shall be held at no less than 6 monthly intervals, but meetings may be convened on application from 4 members of the Committee. 5 members shall constitute a quorum. The Committee shall have the power to fill a vacancy due to retirement or death, in which case the appointment shall be confirmed at the next Annual General Meeting.

11.   A General Meeting of all members shall be called at least once in every calender year. Ten members shall constitute a quorum. At such meetings a Financial Statement of accounts for the year shall be laid before the meeting.

12.   An Extraordinary General Meeting of members can be called on a written application addressed to the Honorary Secretary, signed by not less than 12 members.

13.   The decisions of the Committee arrived at in any properly constituted meetings, duly recorded in minutes and signed by the Chairman, shall not be challenged thereafter by any member.

14.   The Committee have power to refuse any member the right of continuing his/her membership by giving notice in writing to be received by the member without stating any reason for such action.

15.   The rules of the Club may not be altered or added to without the consent of members in General Meeting, a majority vote of the members present being necessary. The Chairman being entitled to a casting vote.

16.   All members on recieving a copy of these rules agree to accept them as binding upon them, such rules constituting the basis of their membership of the club.

17.   A membership card shall be issued and must be shown to any Park Ranger, Bailiff, or any other member of the club who requests it.

18.   Contests shall be arranged by the Committee during each season, for a cup or other trophy, to be provided out of club funds. The cup or trophy being held by the winner of the contest as trustee until the following Annual General Meeting. The right of ownership of the cup/trophy shall remain with the Club.

19.   All members must hold an Environment Agency Licence to fish and must abide by the rules and bye-laws stated thereon. Members can fish with 2 rods in accordance with such a license.

20.   All Carp caught must be returned to the water immediateley, except in designated Club contests where they must be retained in a Carp Friendly keepnet. Members fishing such contests must be in possession of two keepnets, one solely for the retention of Carp and the other for the retention of all other fish.

21.   Junior Anglers between the ages of 13 and 16 are permitted to fish club contests provided that they have proven their competency to fish unaided to the satisfaction of the Committee.

22. Members desirous of obtaining a Permit for a guest to fish must make application to the Secretary or nominated Club Bailiff in advance. A fee will be levied at the Commitees discretion and a member is permitted a maximum of 2 guests per day. The member is responsible for the guest at all times.

23.   An entrance fee will be levied on all new members.

24.   Members wives/partners are eligible to become members for an additional fee at the Committee's discretion.

25.   Fishing is only permitted 1 hour before sunrise and 1 hour after sunset at all time of the year.

Moseley Park Angling Club Committe   25th August 2010        


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