Moseley Park Angling Club

Moseley Park, Moseley, Birmingham


Persons wishing to join the Angling Club should contact the Secretary Dave Walker via e-mail at      or by telephone - Home 0121 745 8719 or mobile 07801888685. The Honorary Secretary (see photo) is regularly fishing down the pool and you can also speak to him regarding a membership. There is currently a 1 year waiting list for membership to the Angling Club and persons should bear in mind that being a member of the park itself does not automatically mean that you can fish the pool. The Angling club does have a 21 year lease from the park which is strictly adhered to. Dave Walker Hon Sec. 



The Angling Club Committee have now appointed 2 bailiffs for the pool. This is  due to the fact that it has become apparent that non members are fishing the pool and that people are loaning out there park keys to enable them to fish.  This will not be tolerated, as the Angling Club do have a 21 year Lease with fishing rights solely for the Angling Club members. 

The Bailiffs nominated are Club Secretary, Dave Walker and Lawrence Rooney  These persons have the authority of the Committee to check memberships, licences and permits of any person fishing the pool.

They will carry cards as pictured below. Photos to be posted on the photos page soon.

Dave Walker.  Hon Sec. 


                            GUEST PERMITS ARE AVAILABLE


Fishing Club Members are permitted to take up 2 guests on any one day, and are responsible for making sure they hold a current Environment Agency Rod Licence and that they behave in an appropriate manner at all times.

Permits are £5.00 per day per guest and must be obtained in advance. Permits can be obtained from the following contacts.

1.   Dave Walker.        Tel -  01217458719.   Mob - 07801888685

Permits can also be obtained via e-mail

Dave Walker   Hon Sec. 


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